Original title: Meu Amigo Hindu
2016 | 109 min. | colour | drama | DCP | Subtitles in English
Co-Presented by Café & Cultura Toronto

– Saturday, November 4th – 6:30pm

Diego is a film director who, when he is told that he has a malignant disease which could be fatal, marries his girlfriend of many years, says goodbye to his friends and begins a routine of long days of treatment in hospital. While learning to live with the pain and also conversing with death, he meets a Hindu boy who is a fellow patient and who becomes his friend. But one day the boy disappears. Diego is discharged, but his life has changed forever. His marriage fails and, living alone, he begins to wonder whether he may in fact be dying and no one has told him. He tries to find out what happened to his Hindu friend, and eventually meets another woman…

Cast: Willem Dafoe, Maria Fernanda Cândido, Barbara Paz, Selton Mello, Reynaldo Gianecchini,Maitê Proença, Dan Stulbach.

– Director: Hector Babenco
– Screenwriter: Hector Babenco
– Producer: Hector Babenco
– Cinematographer: Mauro Pinheiro Jr.
– Editor: Gustavo Giani
– Soundtrack: Zbigniew Priesner