insideoutOriginal Title: Amores Urbanos
2014 | 95 min. | colour | drama | subtitles in English
Co-Presented with Inside Out


• Friday, November 4th – 9:30 pm

Script and Direction: Vera Egito • Production: Heitor Dhalia, Egisto Betti, Ducha Lopes and Andrezza de Faria • Sound: Carol Barranco
 • Cinematography: Camila Cornelsen • Editing: Fernanda Franke Krumel 
• Soundtrack: Camila Cornelsen and Thiago Pethit

Cast: Thiago Pethit, Maria Laura Nogueira, Renata Gaspar, Ana Cañas

RESTLESS LOVE is a dramatic comedy that tells the story of three friends who live in the same building. Julia, Diego, and Micaela are young anti-heroes, overcoming loving and professional misadventures with humor and a lot of personality, with the city of São Paulo as background.

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Awards and Festivals:
Jury’s Honorable Mention in the 7th edition of FESTin 2016 • Honorable Mention for Best Ensemble in Cine Las Americas 2016
Miami International Film Festival 2016 • FESTin 2016 • Cine Las Americas 2016 • Cine Fest Brasil – Montevideo 2016 • Cine Fest Brasil – Buenos Aires 2016 • Miami Film Festival LGBT 2016 • Festival du cinéma brésilien de Paris 2016