Original Title: Jonas
2015 | 90 min. | colour | fiction | subtitles in English


• Saturday, November 5th – 5:00 pm

Director: Lô Politi • Production: Murray Lipnik and Deborah Amodio • Cinematography: Alexandre Ermel • Editing: Gustavo Giani • Soundtrack: Zezinho Mutarelli

Cast: Jesuíta Barbosa, Laura Neiva, Criolo, Chay Suede, Karol Conká

JONAH has an aimless life and a childhood love for Branca. At carnival an unwanted incident leads him to kidnap and hide her inside the whale, the parade’s main float. Throughout the week an intense and delusional love story unfolds while things get tough for Jonah who is not a criminal but has to face the kidnap consequences.

Movie stills:

Festival and Awards:
Jury’s special prize “Novos rumos” at the Rio International Film Festival
Mostra de cinema de São Paulo • Tiradentes Film Festival • Uruguai International Film Festival • FESTin Lisboa • festival du cinéma brésilien de Paris