queer-west-film-festival-official-logoOriginal Title: Mãe Só Há Uma
2016 | 82 min. | colour | drama | subtitles in English
Co-Presented with the Queer West Film Festival


• Saturday, November 5th – 7:20 pm

Direction: Anna Muylaert • Production: Sara Silveira, Maria Ionescu, Anna Muylaert • Script: Anna Muylaert • Sound: Gabi Cunha • Cinematography: Barbara Alvarez • Editing: Hélio Vilela and Anna Muylaert • Soundtrack: Maravilha 8

Cast: Dani Nefussi, Matheus Natchergaele, Naomi Nero, Daniel Botelho, Lais Dias, Luciana Paes

A bike, high school, joints, girls, a rock band. Pierre is a teenager like any other. After a DNA test, he discovers that the woman he calls Mom is not his biological mother, so he has to move in with his real family. In a new home and with a new name, he starts to wonder about his real identity.

Movie stills:

The Hollywood Reporter: ‘Don’t Call Me Son’ (‘Mae So Ha Uma’): Berlin Review

Awards and Festivals:
Berlinale (Panorama Section) • Transatlantyk Film Festival in Lodz Poland •
Jerusalem International Film Festival • New Zealand International Film Festival • Melbourne International Film Festival