Brazil Film Fest

5th Brazil Film Fest

A film festival fully dedicated to Brazilian cinema! The Brazilian film production of recent years is being recognized everywhere for its quality and diversity. The Brazil Film Fest (BRAFF) showcases a selection of great movies from the new wave of Brazilian filmmaking, all taking place over four days in Toronto. Among fiction features and documentaries, the festival is a chance to see some truly creative and audacious films – both in form and content. A uniquely Brazilian way to warm up at the arrival of the Canadian winter!

This very first edition of BRAFF in Toronto, in 2007, invited the public for a trip of delight and discovery into a diverse range of Brazilian issues, places, feelings and flavours. Six features and six documentaries sent the audiences straight to the sandy beaches of Rio de Janeiro, with a pit stop at the poor neighbourhoods of the megacity of São Paulo and a visit into an imaginary city in the country’s arid northeast. It was a great beginning for a great Festival!

Public at the 5th Brazil Film Fest

In 2008, the Festival celebrated 50 years of Bossa Nova, the famous musical style that traveled the world with tunes such as “The Girl From Ipanema”. The Festival featured stories of famous musicians from the Bossa Nova era to the Brazilian 80’s rock n’ roll scene.

For the third edition of Brazil Film Fest, in 2009, the theme was multiculturalism. Did you know that Brazil has the highest population of people of African descent outside the African continent? As with the Japanese community established there; it’s the biggest outside Japan. And there was also a time when there were more people speaking Italian on the streets of São Paulo than Portuguese, the official Brazilian language.

For 2010, we brought 8 feature films, covering different walks of Brazilian life. The films told personal stories of discovery, desire, battle, and achievement. They invited moviegoers to step outside the role of spectator and take a journey with the film’s subjects – whether it be fiction or reality. The landscape, the culture, the music, and the politics reflect its peculiar blend of European, African and Native Indian heritage. But who are these Brazilians? What do they do? Where do they come from? Where do they want to go? Why is Brazilian music so distinct? How do they see the rest of the world?

Volunteers at the 5th Brazil Film Fest

At the 5th edition of Brazil Film Fest, in 2011, the theme was the state of Bahia, a place for everybody. Over the past few years, slowly but steadily, Brazil has been climbing the heights to become the 5th biggest economy in the world, and now it’s even preparing to host two of the most important global events: the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and the 2014 World Cup. All this inspired the Festival to begin a celebration of the diverse and rich culture of Brazil’s many states, starting in 2011 with Bahia.

We celebrated RioFilme’s 20th anniversary at the 6th Brazil Film Fest in Toronto, in 2012, with a selection of ten successful features produced and/or distributed by RioFilme.

Opening night at the 6th Brazil Film Fest

RioFilme is an equity and P&A investment company owned by the City of Rio, whose main goal is to help establish Rio as Latin America’s main center for cinema, TV and new media. The company invests in projects by companies based in the city – including movies, TV series, festivals, awards, and movie theaters.

The 6th Brazil Film Fest in Toronto was the occasion where ten of its most successful features, since its birth in 1992, were shown.

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