Original Title: Um namorado para minha mulher
2016 | 110 min. | colour | comedy | subtitles in English
Co-Presented with Gaby no Canadá


• Saturday, November 5th – 2:30 pm

Direction: Julia Rezende • Production: Sandi Adamiu , Marcio Fraccaroli , Diane Maia • Script: Lusa Silvestre , Julia Rezende • Sound: Felipe Machado • Cinematography: Dante Belluti • Editing: Leticia Giffoni • Soundtrack: Fabio Góes

Cast: Ingrid Guimarães, Caco Ciocler, Domingos Montagner, Marcos Veras, Paulo Vilhena and Miá Mello

Chico has been married to Nena for a long time, but over the years his wife became unbearable, and is driving him crazy. The relationship’s going down, and without the guts to ask for a divorce, Chico has an unusual idea: he hires a lover for his wife so that she decides to end the marriage herself. To promote Nena’s encounter with this professional conqueror (codenamed Corvo), Chico asks a friend to hire her as host of an online show – even agreeing to pay her salary. Chico’s plan starts to go wrong when Nena, with her bitter and pointed opinions, becomes a hit on the Internet. The professional success, and Corvo’s romantic advances make Nena feel attractive, and good about life again. Gradually, Nena returns to the beautiful and interesting woman Chico had fallen in love with. Now he needs to fire Corvo and save his marriage before it’s too late…

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