Portrait of a Thief

fala-brasilDiscoverMagazine-smallOriginal title: Muitos Homens Num Só
2014 / 72 min / colour / fiction / Original version in Portuguese with English subtitles
Co-Presented with Fala Brasil and Discover Magazine


Saturday, December 5th – 7:00 pm

Director: Mini Kerti
Script: Leandro Assis, Nina Crintz
Producers: Flavio Ramos Tambellini, Mini Kerti
Sound Mixer: Tomas Alem
Cinematographer: Flavio Zangrandi 

Editor: Sergio Mekler, edt

Music: Dado Villa-Lobos

With Vladimir Brichta, Alice Braga, Pedro Brício, Caio Blat, Silvio Guindane, César Troncoso, Miele, Alice Assef.

Set in early twentieth century Rio de Janeiro and inspired by the writings of the great chronicler, João do Rio, the film tells the story of Antônio, a skilled thief working under multiple identities to steal from the pockets of Rio de Janeiro’s member of the aristocracy. The police is hot on his heels but that does not stop Antônio from taking his chances as he fall in love with Eva, a married woman who belongs to the aristocracy herself.

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